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He dropped the paper, and stood up by the fireplace.

I expect I see your point, she said. I will go.Mrs Keeling, fractious from her afternoon of absolute insomnia, forced a small tear out of one of her eyes.

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The grim mouth smiled, and the stern eyes grew kindly. She knew that transformation so well now.Certainly, Miss Propert. What is it?

Oh, I shall be better, said he. Considering{131} that he saw me through an illness last year, the least I can do is to hold on as long as I can.If you only want to contradict me, she said, you can do it by yourself, Thomas. Im not going to answer you. That rude girl came in here

Whats the matter, Miss Propert? he said. Better tell me and not waste time, unless its private.

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Well, and theres Mamma finished her slice of beef already! What a blessing a good appetite is, to be sure! Youll let me give you another slice, Mamma, wont you?

A pink lustre clock of horrible aspect suddenly chimed six, and he jumped up.Mrs Keeling rose.

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